Pasture Raised Chicken - There IS a Difference

“Pasture raised” means just that, chickens are raised on a grassy pasture in relatively small flocks, free to scratch, peck and forage for seeds and the insects Mother Nature provides, and given shelter from inclimate weather.

This is in stark contrast to the way that most of the chickens we consume today are produced.  A little known fact, is that almost 90% of the chickens we consume are raised from “CAFO’s” – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

Thousands upon thousands of chickens are often housed together in huge buildings, shoulder to shoulder, without ever seeing the light of day in their entire existence. They are bred to be raised fast, fed corn and grain to fatten them up quickly, processed and then distributed to major grocery retailers.

Over time, these large Corporate owned chicken production facilities have learned how to confuse consumers with marketing terms such as “Organic Chicken”, “Free-Range Chicken”, “Cage-Free Chicken”, and other similar terms.

It takes a savvy consumer to realize that most of these USDA definitions, are easily “skirted” around. The suggestion that is being made is that the chicken you are about to purchase has led a “stress free, idyllic existence under a sunshine lit blue skies”.

In most cases, nothing could be further from the truth…..But you can trust that when we label our chicken as “pasture raised” we mean exactly that!

So Why Yankee Chicken Company?

We're a Local Farm!

We are not part of any national chain nor are we a "co-op" farm. We sell only what WE raise on our Family Farm.

Just Great Chicken!

No Beef, No Pork, No Lamb. We sell great tasting Pasture Raised Chicken. We only offer what we know best.

AND No "Subscriptions"

Order as often as your family needs require. No recurring monthly automatic charges to your credit card.

Our Story

Our Family Farm & Our Chickens....
Pasture Raised Chicken Farm Field with fence

Farming The Old Fashioned Way

Back to Basics Farming

Our small family farm is located in “The Quiet Corner” of NE Connecticut, where we practice “back to basics” farming, as our Yankee ancestors did. We utilize no chemicals or commercial pesticides in our fields, and rely solely on our chickens to naturally fertilize our pastures.
We have the utmost respect for our natural resources.

Our Chickens

Our Chickens

Pasture Raised and Free Range

Our chickens experience a stress free existence, having daily access to fresh air and sunshine. They are “Pasture Raised” foraging in the green grassy fields, under the shade of our movable shelters. We respect our chickens, so we provide them with the freshest, most vitamin rich feeds available along with humane care and the freedom to act like chickens.

pasture raised chicken tractors in field

Our Chickens Diet

Green Grass and Non GMO Feed

Our method of “chicken tractor” farming allows our chickens to be moved to fresh grass daily so they continually have access to fresh green forage, seeds and insects.
Besides the food our chickens naturally forage we give them free access to Connecticut grown NON GMO feed. This feed is ground fresh and delivered to us on a bi-weekly basis.

Support A Family Farm

Support A Family Farm

Buy Local chicken

You can help support our farm family by purchasing Pasture Raised Chicken directly from our farm. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the very best chicken you have ever tasted.
You can be rest assured, our Chickens, are 100% NON-GMO, Hormone-Free, All-Natural, and Free of any Synthetic Antibiotics or Medications.

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Customer Comments...

female testimonial for yankee chicken

Ashley W.

Brooklyn, NY

"Yankee Chicken supplies the most delicious, juicy & fresh chicken we have ever had! AND it's all natural GMO-free fed chickens! I highly recommend it. Ordering options are incredibly simple. 5 star rating!"

Kayla S.

Kayla S.

Cambridge, Ma

"Our family will not eat any other chicken unless it comes from Yankee Chicken! It is juicy and fresh when grilled, baked, and pan fried-nothing beats the taste! Convenient, easy online ordering. Highly recommend"!

female testimonial for yankee chicken3

Nicole R.

Darien, CT

"You can't get fresher chicken than this. I really like the convenience of home delivery. The boneless chicken breasts are simply awesome. The best ever! Not even close to the grocery store bought chicken...."

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