Yankee Chicken Company

Where We Began

The Yankee Chicken Company is an outgrowth of a part-time farming operation that began in 2013 in North Florida, operating under the name of “Cowlick Farms”.

My wife and I started our venture into raising chickens for fun and profit as a part time venture to supplement our full time jobs. We honed our skills in raising chickens in a natural environment, utilizing small mobile “hoop houses”.

Our “pasture raised” chicken soon became a popular item at local Florida farmers markets, so popular in fact that it became evident that this was going to take more than a “part time commitment.

As our flocks of chickens grew, so did our family, with three new little chicken farmers being added along the way. 3-boys with baby chicks

But, having been born, and spending my early years in Connecticut, there was a constant inner desire to return to my family roots up North.

So….In the Summer of 2016 a decision was made to pick up stakes, lock, stock and hoop houses and relocate our chicken farm to Connecticut.

It was no small feat, and included two tractor trailer flatbeds loaded with farm equipment, and two fully loaded trailers of poultry supplies, along with our three young boys joining the convoy, 1200 miles North.

Our New Home

After settling in and setting up in the old familiar surroundings, we set out to introduce our pasture raised chicken to our new Connecticut neighbors and began participating in several local farm markets. It wasn’t long that the Cowlick Farms booth was a “must visit” stop every week.

As the popularity and demand grew for our pastured chicken products, we added a convenient “self service” farm stand in 2017. farm fresh pastured poultry sign

There was  desire to establish a new identity that aligned better with our new geographic location, and lent itself to our core set of values.

After many, many discussions took place, “The Yankee Chicken Company” was born.

Our new name incorporates our desire to give homage to our hard working ancestors and a return to the old fashioned, “back to basics” methods of farming which we embrace.

Today and Tomorrow

More recently, 2018 was a busy year for us, not only did we change our name, but we saw the introduction of new products, like the addition of homemade sausages, chicken broth and chicken pot pies.

2018 also saw the development of a eco-friendly shipping system that has allowed us to expand our reach throughout New England, New York City, Delaware and Maryland.

As 2019 has dawned, we have introduced, once a week farm to kitchen delivery of our pastured chicken products across most of the State of Connecticut.

We are looking forward to the future in great anticipation, and want thank each and every one our loyal customers, past and present, for the support that has been provided that has allowed us our continued success.