Best Chicken Pot Pie Ever


Our Ready to Bake Chicken Pot Pie – Chunks of white chicken meat, slow simmered bone broth and fresh veggies. 1 lb, 10 oz. Serves 2 -3.

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“The Best Chicken Pot Pie in the World?”

Well, we’re not sure about that claim, but what we do know is that if you want to see smiles light up around the room, just announce that you’re having “Yankee Chicken Pot Pies” for dinner tonight! We’ve seen those smiles around our house on many of occasion.

Now there are literally thousands of chicken pot pie recipes available on the Internet, but why waste an hour or more of prep time of peeling, chopping, mixing, rolling, and seasoning, and then hoping for the best?

The easy solution is just grab one (or two) of our frozen pot pies out of your freezer and pop them into the oven for 60 minutes.

There’s something magical and soothing about digging into the flaky crust to reveal all those tender pieces of white meat chicken surrounded by potatoes, carrots,  peas and onion.

The Chicken Pot Pie, It’s the ultimate comfort food served up as a quick and easy solution that answers that age old question”so, what’s for dinner?”

Our Facebook Fans agree…….

Bridget M: “We recently tried the pot pies and they were fantastic. The kids and adults were clamoring for seconds”.

Stephanie K. “We love their chicken pot pies! Their chicken is delicious! Highly recommended”!

Rich G : “Awesome chicken! Ordered a while back It delivered on time …”

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