Chicken Leg Quarters


Package contains (3) full leg quarters, total weight is approx. 2.0 lbs.  Includes chicken thigh and drumstick.


roasted pasture raised chicken leg quarters

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Best Baked Chicken Leg Quarter Recipe

Chefs will disagree on many things, but they are all in agreement on this….” The main ingredient” is the most important ingredient. Yankee Chicken’s Leg Quarters are the basis for a simple recipe for the Best Baked Chicken Leg Quarters.

It just doesn’t get better, or get simpler. This is sure to become a family favorite!

Here’s the secret “recipe” ingredients and directions:

  • (1) Pasture Raised Chicken Leg Quarters
  • (2) your choice of favorite seasoning,
  • (3) 4 tablespoons of butter.

Preheat oven to 300 degrees, place leg quarters in baking dish, brush on melted butter, sprinkle with favorite seasoning, cover and bake 1 hour. Increase oven temp to 425, bake uncovered for additional 10-20 minutes until skin is crispy, and inner temp is 185.  Rest leg quarters for 10 minutes.


Additional information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions.5 × .5 × .5 in


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