Eat Local – Support Local Farmers

Help Support the “Eat Local” Movement

We are strong supporters of the “Eat Local” and “Farm to Table” movements which advocate buying and consuming locally raised and produced farm goods. Buying local helps keep local farm families healthy and happy and creates a real sense of community.

Buying Farm Direct means short circuiting the modern food distribution chain, where food moves from farm to wholesaler to distributor to your local grocer.

eat local - farm to table

Some points to consider when making decisions about “Buying and Eating locally produced foods”…..

  1. Foods travel less distance to market than typical grocery store foods, using less fuel and resources to get to your kitchen
  2. Local food is fresher, tastes better, and is a lot healthier, as it spends less time “on the road” where it loses valuable nutrients and freshness.
  3. Chances are greatly reduced of purchasing foods that have been picked or harvested “before their prime” or are loaded with artificial coloring or preservatives.
  4. Buying Local helps the local economy, money spent locally stays in the local community, creating jobs and opportunities
  5. Buying Local results in a whole lot less food waste, due to shorter transit times and distances which reduces the chances for spoilage.
  6. It’s Good for the Dirt! Buying local helps local farms to continue to thrive and survive, keeping open farmlands from turning into housing developments and industrial parks.
  7. Buying Local helps create communities of connected people with common interests

As being proud advocates of Eat Local, and the Farm to Table movements we are doing our small part to encourage people to “Get back to basics” and enjoy locally grown foods.

This has had a heavy influence on our decisions to make Yankee Chicken available thru Local Farm Markets, our Farm Stand, Local  Deliveries as well as our recent development of a  shipping option for all of our chicken products.