What Pastured Chickens Eat

Our Chickens Diet

It’s been said many times, “you are what you eat”, and this most certainly applies to chickens as well.

Our method of raising pastured chickens in mobile hoop houses allows our birds to be moved to fresh sections of pasture every day. They continually have access to fresh clover, seeds, and insects as they hunt and peck their way through their day.

We offer up a supplement of a locally produced “non GMO” feed that provides our pastured chickens with necessary vitamins they may be missing out on. A steady flow of fresh well water is supplied to quench their thirst as well.

The combination of fresh air, sunshine, ability to get exercise and a mostly all-natural diet all lends to chickens that are healthier for you, are meatier in texture, and just plain taste better.

Study after study conducted by various trade organizations and universities support these claims, however all of this really just comes down to good common sense.

Although “taste” is somewhat of a subjective concept, there have been actual studies conducted that  pitted birds “pasture raised” outdoors against those that were raised totally indoors. indoor raised chickens

The results were pretty clear, those birds that had access to the outside and room to exercise were consistently found to be “juicer”, “more tender” and had a “better texture”,  by the 29 “expert taste testers”.

Their conclusion was that ability to get exercise and access to natural food foraging was responsible.

That same study suggested that the “pasture raised” birds were healthier for you, as well. They had higher amount of unsaturated fatty acids (the good fats) and noticeably higher levels of omega-3 polyunsaturated fats.

And…. “Pastured Chicken” also contains 50% more vitamin A than conventionally raised indoor chickens.

But we say, don’t just take the “experts” word for it, do your own taste test in the comfort of your own home. Go ahead and take the challenge, try two chicken breasts side by side, prepared the same way, one from the grocery store shelf and one from Yankee Chicken! 

You be the judge…….